Our Los Angeles studio celebrates Earth Day with Lisha Tan

We partnered with Lisha's brand Lil'Chotchke, on a specialty designed Nalgene water bottle to celebrate our people and the great outdoors.
Community April 22, 2021

To show our appreciation for our Earth and our people, Artist and Director Lisha Tan designed a custom, limited edition run of The Mill x Lil’Chotchke Nalgene water bottles. Lil’Chotchke, is Lisha’s very own brand of handmade whimsical ceramic goods. The bottle, which was handcrafted in the USA and made entirely of recycled materials, is the perfect accessory for an Earth Day adventure!

Lisha Tan is a Creative Director at The Mill, where her passion for illustration and story-driven character animation consistently leads her to create captivating, award-winning work that combines traditional techniques with digital animation. Lisha runs her ceramics brand Lil’Chotchke, as a fun way to keep creating characters and design pieces away from the computer.

Take a Hike

If you’re looking for an Earth Day excursion in Los Angeles consider these popular trails:

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook / Stoneview Nature Center | 2 miles
Temescal Canyon Loop | 3.2 miles
Wisdom Tree / Cahuenga Peak / Hollywood Sign | 4.2 miles
Echo Mountain / Inspiration Point | 6 / 10.4 miles


Watch Your Step

You might encounter some of these along the California trails:

California Sagebrush
Also known as Cowboy Cologne, the slender green stems of the plant release aromatic oils when you rub in between your fingers. Give it a go!

These California natives are actually quite shy and only become aggressive when they feel threatened. You might spot their distinctive enlarged head plate and diamondback pattern lying in your way if there’s a good sunny spot. If you see one, give it some space and you can both go your separate ways.

Woodrat (aka Pack Rats)
These critters are known for their love of collecting knickknacks and their giant nests. In their homes, they create separate rooms for sleeping, food storage, and house guests. They even use their tchotchke collection to decorate!



Follow Lisha Tan’s ceramics shop, Lil’Chotchke on Instagram here. View more of Lisha’s work with The Mill via her Creative Talent profile.