Our work on Al Jazeera’s ‘Channel Idents’ has been nominated for a Motion Award

News November 29, 2021

We have been nominated for at the Motion Awards in the ID Campaign category!

The Motion Awards celebrate elevation in all its forms. United by a shared passion for creative expression, the Motion Awards celebrate achievements that help propel the industry forward.

For our nominated project, we partnered with Al Jazeera English to create a series of unique idents that embodied the news outlet and what it stands for, ensuring that natural elements were incorporated in doing so while leading on creative strategy, direction, concept development, design and animation.

We looked carefully at Al Jazeera’s role in the world, its history and its importance in today’s cluttered and complex media landscape, as well as its future vision, and from there we chose five brand values that we felt encapsulated Al Jazeera: Resilient. Raw. Revolutionary. Fearless. Diverse. The natural world would then serve as a metaphor for today’s civilization and the role Al Jazeera has to play in it.

“We did a lot of research on Al Jazeera’s history and thought about its future to produce the five values for the channel, says Will MacNeil, the CG designer director on the project, explaining that Al Jazeera also wanted the new idents to maintain the brand’s identification with nature. “Showing things like the sea, mountains and sand without looking too much like a desert.”

Learn more about our collaboration with Al Jazeera here. Want to take your upcoming VFX project to the Next Level? Contact us here.