Out with the coal, in with the green | Teaming up with Google Nest Renew to imagine a greener world

Work October 12, 2021

We collaborated with Google on two product films to highlight their latest features for Google Nest Renew, allowing households to green up their energy consumption by avoiding coal-fueled electricity. Working directly with the brand, our Design Studio oversaw the project from conception to completion.

Both films are a world filled with green balls representing clean energy being transported to users’ homes. Traveling through twisty tubes, slides, and ramps, we see the potential impact that green electricity can provide – starting with a single appliance, followed by a home, a city, and then the world. A plethora of newly added functions to the Google Nest are introduced, including shifting heating and cooling based on cleaner energy and cost savings, as well providing monthly impact reports.

“Since we had early access with Google’s hardware team, we helped prototype their campaign alongside their internal developments over a long period of time. This allowed them to test the films and it was in incredibly efficient process as we had worked hand-in-hand with the visuals from day one,” shared Head of Design and Director on the project Mike Schaeffer. “This is a great project to share of what we do best within The Mill Design Studio, where everyone did a little bit of everything to get it done. I am proud The Mill Design Studio is able to continue to successfully be an end-to-end partner for design-focused work that has the scale, expertise, attention to detail, and proven track record.”

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