Paper Magazine | MLMA Serves Up Cursed Fashion in Crispy Crocs

Press February 19, 2020

“Nothing’s good or bad. It’s all art.” This is the motto of MLMA, whose freaky fashions, supernatural beauty looks and priceless Instagram stunts have propelled her to viral fame. The Seoul-born artist, who mysteriously refuses to reveal her age and goes in person simply by M (her moniker stands for Me Love Me a Lot), is a 360 degree creative: a make-up artist, special effects pro, fashion designer at apparel brand Skoot, rapper, model and internet humorist.

Her work defies genre, but embraces the grotesque, silly and absurd. MLMA’s 1.2 million-strong following devours posts of the artist eating a plate of tiny MLMAs for breakfast, edits of her face with various cloned appendages, or hooked up to a computer by an umbilical cord. Some hit follow for her beauty innovations, like her viral wavy brows or anim√© cosplay. Others, for her video stunts, like those where she trims her hair with a clipper taped to a remote controlled car, or sobs in a bathtub as a disembodied hand reaches out to offer her a tissue.

“I never thought of my stuff as grotesque or creepy,” she says. “People would be like ‘This is really creepy. I was like, ‘Is it? I just thought it was cool.'”


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Graded by The Mill’s Nick Metcalf.