Paris Fashion Week | Spotlight on The Mill’s collaboration with director Charlottes Wales for Carolina Herrera

Jean Paul Gauthier, Paco Rabanne, Louboutin and Carolina Herrera are all brands belonging to the Puig Group, with whom The Mill Paris has worked for many years. To celebrate Paris Fashion Week 2023, The Mill Paris is highlighting three films directed by the talented Charlottes Wales.
Work March 3, 2023

“Very Good Girl Glam”

In 2016, top model Karlie Kloss turned on her signature charm as the face of Carolina Herrera’s new fragrance « Good Girl ». Six year later, we find her once again in the streets of Manhattan with Precious Lee, Dilone (Janice Altagracia Dilone), Olivia Vinten and Ash Foo for a more inclusive campaign highlighting women in all their diversity and the power of their femininity. Our artists added the magic VFX touch to this beautiful film with lighting, compositing, matte painting and flame. 

“Bad Boy Cobalt”

For the release of its new fragrance, Bad Boy Cobalt, in 2022, Carolina Herrera called on director Charlotte Wales to highlight the power of its fragrance for unique and irreverent men who dare to embrace all facets of contemporary masculinity. The modern-day bad boy is perfectly embodied by Josh Upshaw and the rest of this bad boy crew: Ty Ogunkoya, Justin Eric Martin and Aiden Andrews. Our artists handled the beauty work, utilizing Flame to match all shots and to add the light piercing the sky.  They also did all the perfume packshots in 3D.

212 Heroes

For the 25th anniversary of the 212 family of fragrances, Caroline Herrera teamed up with director Charlotte Wales to celebrate its famous bottle with a revolutionary skateboard-shaped bottle. This atypical shape captures the spirit of a new generation embodied by a diverse cast that highlights the values of the brand while militating for the emancipation of women. Actors, models, athletes, influencers, designers… Through their differences and uniqueness, the ambassadors all embody the identity of the fragrance in their own way. They include KJ Apa, Indya Moore, Taylor Hill, Sita Abellán, Jorge Lopez, Charlotte Rose Hansen, Tess McMillan, Rachelle vinberg, Lil Dre, Ko Hyojoo, Lucas Bin, Austina Melio, Aaron Wheelz Fotheringham. The cast was enriched by the presence of 3 world famous skateboarders Aori Nishimura, Sierra prescott and Lizzie Armanto. 

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