Partnering with Mark Cavendish for Zwift’s latest campaign

Work December 16, 2021

What’s your Zwift setup? Director David Lawson partnered once again with the innovative indoor cycling brand Zwift to create a selection of inspirational and explanatory assets which highlight a few of the different equipment configurations users can choose to enjoy Zwift’s virtual worlds. Connecting a global community of cyclists and triathletes from the comfort of their homes, Zwift mixes the health benefits of quality training with the immersive and engaging fun of gaming. This ongoing creative partnership between The Mill and Zwift has provided the opportunity for The Mill to direct and produce a series of campaign components across all media needs.

On this occasion, we partnered with world-renowned cyclist Mark Cavendish who models his direct-drive trainer with Apple TV setup, as well as other amateur athletes to showcase the different equipment combinations to train, explore or compete on Zwift based on their unique needs.

“We were excited to have the opportunity to once again partner with Zwift. Leveraging all aspects of The Mill offering, from direction and live action production to all aspects of post-production. We are immensely proud of our relationship with Zwift and hope to continue to collaborate closely with them to craft effective and creative communications.”
Lydia Corin, Head of Brand Partnerships, NA

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