Q-VFX Launch | A Q&A With Simon Devereux

News June 1, 2019
June marks the start of Global Pride Month 2019 and The Mill are proud to be supporting a new industry initiative by ACCESS: VFX entitled Q-VFX. We sat down with Simon Devereux, The Mill’s Group Head of Learning & Development, to discuss this exciting new launch.
What sparked the idea of creating Q-VFX?
It all started with initial conversations we had at the monthly ACCESS: VFX meetings where we discussed the potential of A:VFX being part of this year’s Pride Walk. Due to the multiple events we were planning and workload, we unfortunately missed the deadline to be involved. Around the same time I had been having discussions with Tamsin Collier at ILM whose colleague Sarah de Schot was keen to build an LGBTQI+ community for the VFX industry, and we agreed that it made sense for it to sit under ACCESS: VFX as we were aligned in terms of our inclusion goals, and already have 40+ studios and industry partners involved. Sarah came to the following A:VFX meeting, a working group was set up and here we are!
How will Q-VFX help make changes to the culture of the industry?
Q-VFX represents ACCESS: VFX returning to its founding values of creating open dialogue, a safe space and a sense of community for people. The Q-VFX community will bring together both industry and aspiring talent, creating a truly inclusive forum deeply rooted in support, advice and action. ACCESS: VFX has already made a positive change to the culture of the industry and Q-VFX will continue to do so in the same way, as diversity is bigger than just individual companies.
Who is involved in this initiative?
The Q-VFX team is made up of staff from The Mill, ILM, MPC, Blue Zoo Animation, Framestore, Foundry, London Siggraph and Carse & Waterman. I can proudly affirm that ACCESS: VFX and all of our members are actively involved, like any of our initiatives.
What are the goals of Q-VFX, and how do you see these affecting the future of the industry?
Aside from our commitment to grow a supportive queer space, we will look to the members of the Q-VFX community to tell us what the goals of the movement should be. We plan to canvas feedback at our launch event on Thursday 27th June.
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