Redshift 3D | Visualizing values: How The Mill’s Design Studio rebranded Al Jazeera

Press October 7, 2020

By the time The Mill’s Design Studio pitched their ideas for idents for Al Jazeera English, they had already been thinking about the project for nearly a year. While the London-based studio is known internationally for its design work for all types of media, they were excited about the opportunity to do something creative for a news channel. “Especially one we believe in for telling straight stories without a lot of filtering,” recalls Will MacNeil, the CG designer director on the project.

Using a combination of Cinema 4D, Houdini and Redshift, the team created five unique idents, each with a theme representing Al Jazeera and what the Middle East-headquartered channel stands for: resilient, raw, revolutionary, fearless and diverse. “We did a lot of research on Al Jazeera’s history and thought about its future to come up with the five values for the channel, says MacNeil, explaining that Al Jazeera also wanted the new idents to maintain the brand’s identification with nature. “Showing things like the sea, mountains and sand without looking too much like a desert.”


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