Reel Works Career Lab at The Mill NY

Aspiring filmmakers, screenwriters, and producers learn about the mocap process and AR creation thanks to our Experience Team.
Community August 8, 2023

We’re at it again!

The Mill hosted Reel Works Career Lab which consisted of high school-aged students who are aspiring filmmakers, screenwriters and producers. The Career Lab is a summer program which provides inside access to the media industry through job shadowing, work-readiness training and career exploration.

Thanks to the brilliant Experience team, the students got to view two different demos. First, Martin Thelwell, Jayleen Perez, Jack (Zikang) Chen and Marcel Wang showed off the mocap process, followed by an AR creation demo with Alexis Zerafa. The team shared their experience that led them to their current roles and offered advice on how to get started in the creative fields. And thanks to Amanda Libotte for providing an insight to The Mill’s history and capabilities.