Reuniting iconic Bud Light characters for Super Bowl LV

Work February 8, 2021

The Mill collaborated with Wieden+Kennedy and Hungry Man Directors Bryan Buckley and Dave Laden to reunite iconic Bud Light characters in one epic Super Bowl LV commercial. The brand is bringing the nostalgia with legendary appearances by fan-favorites such as Grammy-nominated artist Post Malone, Cedric the Entertainer, the “I Love You, Man” guy, the Bud Knight, Oracle Susana and more, as they all come together to save an overturned Bud Light truck.   

The Mill team developed and crafted the portals that transport each legend into shot. Through matte painting and interactive lighting they ensured all portals were authentic to the original environments. 

Creative Director, John Leonti, comments, “With the Directors and agency behind ‘Legends’ we knew we were going to be creating something special. The challenge here was how to bring everything to life in a way that felt authentic to these other worlds and eras. Developing the portal was a big task, we worked through a lot of references to craft both the edging and then the boundary between to two worlds.”  

3D Lead Artist, Yarin Manes, finishes, “A highlight for me was rebuilding the beer bottle buddies in CG, using a bespoke stop-motion look within live action photography.” 


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