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From VALORANT to League of Legends, and mostly recently Pentakill, we're proud of our collaborations with Riot Games. Here's why...
Work September 27, 2021

Illaoi: The Kraken Priestess, League of Legends

Recently an epic rock concert of the future was made available to fans of online battle game League of Legends, as their chart topping band Pentakill debuted their third album ‘Lost Chapter’ in a fully interactive musical experience. From League of Legends to the next chapter of VALORANT, we’ve been whipping up some gaming mayhem using the very best of our ingredients from design, CG, and animation to our experiential products; our partnerships have done it all.

Let’s take a look at some of the work we’ve taken to the next level with the High Priest of gaming.


Our most recent collaboration and immersive masterpiece, Pentakill combines live musical performance with the League of Legends gaming universe, as their heavy metal band got their own virtual rock concert. In forty-five minutes of motion-captured musical mayhem, fans were invited to watch Pentakill debut their third album ‘Lost Chapter’ in a real-time performance captured by over 40 virtual cameras and created by over 70 world-class digital artists and creative technologists. The stage show co directed by Rogier Schalken and Sally Reynolds, and conceived in partnership with Stufish, architects of today’s biggest real-world concerts, features a dystopian invasion from an evil Sky God; extreme motion-captured realism down to the quivering cymbals on the drums; and 5 surreal stages from a sci-fi mega-arena to the shoulders of a marauding giant.


Riot Games came to us with a passionate brief. To create a trailer, much like a love letter to fans, that transported gamers into the next fierce and visually beautiful chapter of VALORANT. Our Directors worked closely with Riot Games to fully immerse themselves into the world of VALORANT, to craft a story so vibrant and packed with live action, it’ll have gamers reaching for the headset.

Riot were set to launch the next chapter to their battlefield game, and with creative audaciousness at the heart of their philosophy, Riot wanted to dedicate the chapter as a gift to the player universe, through episodic shots telling the story of each character, capturing past and future anecdotes in an epic global trailer. That’s where we came in.

Celebrating 10 years of League of Legends

We teamed up with Riot Games to devote this anniversary special to fans of the League of Legends universe, and give them a taster of what’s to come in 2020. The collaborative nature of Riot Games and the players flowed seamlessly into this project. This important chapter in Riot Games’ history required international shoots, large-scale practical on-set builds and creative visual effects to construct the surprising narrative.

Feels like Summer

This vibrant spot was directed by our Animation Director Kwok, and was another promo for the League of Legends Championship Series but with a lively summer twist. The summer-inspired cell animation project is filled with Easter eggs to get League of Legend fans excited for the upcoming summer season for LCS.


What’s the key to winning an epic gaming battle? We worked closely with Riot Games and Director Bryan Buckley of Hungry Man to reveal the secret in League of Legends ‘Escalation’. Shot entirely on blue screen, the spot invites viewers into the world of fantasy as it spotlights a group of enthusiasts showing off their impressive weaponry—including a blazing, larger-than-life teddy bear—all developed in partnership with Legacy Effects, and brought to life by our own CG Artists.

Born to Spin

We teamed up again with Riot Games and Director Bryan Buckley to draw viewers into the world of League of Legends with ‘Born to Spin’. Our VFX Artists collaborated with Legacy Effects to create a fantastical arsenal for a group of gaming enthusiasts, set against a backdrop of animated, supernatural objects. The spot was the first installment in the brand’s Play Your Way campaign.

Illaoi: The Kraken Priestess

Discover the full list of credits for our work with Riot Games within our archive, or if you’d like to know more about our League of Legends work or branded experiences get in touch with the team.