Rise Of The Reusables Wins At London Surf Film Festival

News October 18, 2019

Founded in 2011 by surfers and writers Chris Nelson and Demi Taylor, London Surf / Film Festival is an annual celebration of international surf culture. The festival brings together international surfing’s hottest new work, the newest documentaries and travelogues.

We are happy to announce that directing partners Lucy Hawes and Jo Guthrie, who are part of The Mill team as, respectively, Production Coordinator and Mill+ Designer & Creative Researcher have won ‘London Surf Film Festival’s’ highly coveted ‘Shortie Of The Year’ award for their incredible and eye opening film ‘Rise Of The Reusables’.

Lucy and Jo teamed up with City to Sea, to produce this stylish short film which highlights the severity of plastic pollution. The film features coastlines from around the world, passionate female surfers and a soundscape entirely composed from found plastic.

Check out the film HERE