Sam’s Club brand Member’s Mark creates a world of good in new Manifesto Film

The film, which was directed by Mill director Nic Yiallouris, highlights the initiatives and practices the brand is implementing to put people and the planet first.
Work May 11, 2022

Sam’s Club has introduced a new identity for its Member’s Mark brand – “Made with Our Member and Planet in Mind” – that comes with an aspiration for all items to be of the highest quality while featuring innovation and a focus on people and the planet.

Coinciding with the announcement, Mill director Nic Yiallrious and our VFX teamed up with agency VMLY&R to craft the brand’s Manifesto Film which showcases their Earth-centric ideologies.

As apart of the new vision, Sam’s Club and Member’s Mark aims to increase its range of items that are made using practices that promote animal welfare, help support land and ocean health, mitigate deforestation, utilize more sustainable textiles, and come from renewable sources.


“One stand out thing for me was Member's Mark desire for authenticity. Talking about fair trade wasn't enough, they wanted to show it for real. This meant we were able to film abroad in real locations with real people. Together with VMLY&R we crafted an elevated campaign that launches the brands new look. Creatively, it's a delightful blend of contemporary filmmaking, a strong brand ethos and the people that come together to curate the excellent lineup of products under Member's Mark.”
-Nic Yiallouris, Director

You can get in touch with our direction team via our contact page.