Santa is everywhere in Vodafone’s latest festive spot

Work November 5, 2021

To kick off the festive season, we have teamed up with Ogilvy and Jack Driscoll out of Academy Films to bring Vodafone’s magical new spot to life which showcases the Santa in us all.

Executive Creative Director Chappers states “The main challenge for all of us was the time scale and with that, coming up with practical solutions that wouldn’t require large amounts of VFX in the short time we had. Fortunately, we have a great relationship with Director Jack Driscoll and were able to collaborate closely on how we approached each of the Santa reflections, shooting and comping tests upfront to help inform the shoot.

Along with all the Santa reflections we also had to help maximise Christmas in each scene especially within the high street shot – we extended festoon lighting, shop fronts Christmas trees and more. These were also sprinkled throughout to really help sell in the festive sprit.”

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