Say hello to 3D Drag Queen, POLY!

She's just a low-poly girl, in a low-poly world
Community June 27, 2022

Meet POLY – a 3D drag queen created by Senior Developer Jeff Wang and Designer Brian O’Donnell. POLY made her fabulous debut last week on the rooftop of our New York studio… and she delivered! Harnessing Snap’s Next Generation Spectacles, Jeff and Brian were able to bring POLY to life, just in time for Pride Month. POLY took downtown Manhattan by storm and strut her stuff (virtually) up and down Broadway.

Brian shares: “‘POLY!’ is the ‘World’s FIRST 3D Drag Queen!’ Due to the program limitations of our AR filter development, our virtual drag queen had to be built with a low-polygon count, hence the name: POLY! Poly is a celebration of Pride and low polygons. We can’t wait to see what she does next.”

Jeff adds: “We were invited to join Snap’s Spectacles Creator Program, a 3 month program focusing on discovering new ways to fuse fun and utility through immersive AR eyewear experiences. Once Snap sent us a pair of their Next Generation Spectacles, we set off to build an AR lens using their application, Lens Studio. We were inspired by a feature called Landmarker, which allows you to create unique lens experiences at locations around the world, and decided to build a lens to be viewed at our NYC office rooftop!

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