Senior Central Production Manager Sanchit Soi shares top tips on becoming a Producer in Bangalore

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work at The Mill or how to take your first step into the VFX industry? We sat down with Sanchit Soi, Senior Central Production Manager in our Bangalore Studio, to discuss his journey into production.
News March 3, 2022

Can you talk about your personal/professional journey that led you into Producing?

I have been fortunate enough to meet the right people at the right time and have worked incredibly hard to learn the skills required for this industry. I initially spent around two years in the CG industry before moving to MPC VFX. It’s fascinating to work on top-class Hollywood projects, and seeing the result with your name in the credits; makes it all worth it. After working in film, I moved into VFX, explicitly Advertising, so that I could work on a complete VFX pipeline. At the time, The Mill/MPC Advertising was the only studio in India that let producers work with all departments under one roof, which was incredibly important to me. After five years in the Advertising/VFX industry, I still get the same excitement every day; constant problem solving and challenges makes it a job like no other. I’m currently working as a Senior Central Production Manager and leading a team of Line Producers and Production Coordinators, it’s a dream job, and I couldn’t be happier.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy so many parts of the job; it’s challenging to pick just one. Continued learning is essential to me. I want to push my capabilities and grow within the company constantly. With a fast turnaround and the ability to work on a variety of projects, that is something I’ve been able to do since day one, and it remains just as important. Solving problems is also crucial, not just as an individual but as a team. Grouping with my team and working collectively to solve a problem is incredibly rewarding.

What projects have you worked on at The Mill/MPC VFX?

I have been able to work on so many exciting projects over the years, from MPC VFX, The Jungle Book, and Godzilla will always remain incredibly important to me. I learned so much on those projects. Most recently, The Last of Us Part II and FKA TWIGS, Sad Day. Using the skills I’ve developed over the years, I was able to bring something truly special to these projects; they were so much fun.

What top tips would you give for those trying to get into the industry in Bangalore?

Finding a mentor is crucial, someone who can guide you and show you how to progress in the industry; it makes a world of difference. This will also help you speak more freely, comfortably, and confidently with your team, which is incredibly important. Staying positive is also a must; your ideas aren’t always going to be used, and that’s okay because they’re not always the best ones. But it will help you grow and improve in your role, and when your ideas are used, it will be even more rewarding.

What early career challenges did you face, and how did you overcome that challenge?

Time management was tricky for me at first; I quickly learned that I needed to juggle multiple competing deadlines and prioritise tasks accordingly. Thankfully, time management can easily be improved; I’m a lot better these days. I also realised I needed to understand the pipeline process thoroughly. Every project brings a new adventure and challenges, and these become much easier to solve from understanding the CG and VFX pipeline.

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