Senior Colourist Nicola Gasparri shares his experience on an Indian Premiere League spot

The Mill worked with LoudMouth to bring to life the director’s creative vision a spot for the new IPL season. We sat down with Senior Colourist Nicola Gasparri from The Mill Shanghai to learn about his experience working with Director Aakash Bhatia and the LoudMouth crew on this exciting IPL spot.
Community April 20, 2023

How does your relationship with the director and your knowledge of the India landscape influence how you approach a project like this? 

I have been working with Aakash Bhatia, the director, since 2015 and it’s always nice when we get the chance to collaborate together. The fact that I have worked on so many projects with him and in the Indian market makes it easier for me to understand his vision for a project. Having experienced the IPL madness in Mumbai firsthand and also graded many commercials for the IPL over the years, I could relate to the vision Aakash had in mind for this commercial and bring it to life.

Were there any major challenges working on this, and how did you/the team overcome them? 

For this IPL commercial we wanted the color of the wardrobe to pop out at viewers, but at the same time maintain the grittiness of the location. Cricket is not just a sport in India, but it is a passion and a way of life for many people. This means that any commercial related to the sport must resonate with the audience on a cultural and emotional level, rather than just being a straightforward advertisement. By working through the color schemes, we were able to achieve that. 

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