Senior Colourist Peter Oppersdorff

We chatted with Peter on some of his recent exciting work.
Work May 25, 2023

Peter is a Senior Colourist at The Mill, London. His striking style and nuanced touch have graced award-winning projects with notable collaborators like Ian Pons-Jewell, Rick Darge, The Sacred Egg, Jake Scott, Vedran Rupic, and Rich Hall. We caught up with Peter to discuss his recent exciting work.



Propel ‘Propel Fitness Water’

Featuring Michael B Jordan

Directing duo Alex Mavor and Ed Kaye, The Sacred Egg
DP: Natasha Braier
Production Co: Riff Raff Films
Agency: Goodby Silverstein

“This is my 3rd collaboration with Riff Raff stalwarts The Sacred Egg. Their high concept work always pushes boundaries which unshackles me from the traditional conventions of commercial work. There was great collaboration between the CG & 2D teams at The Mill; we really pushed each other’s work to the next level.”

Starry ‘Starry Struck’

Featuring Keke Palmer
Directors: Ian Pons Jewell and Rick Darge
DP: Gaul Porat
Production Co: ProdCo

“This spot is great fun, and the humor is pitched perfectly. The dream sequence was absolutely key, so we experimented with the tonality and texture to take it as far away from reality as we could and make it sing. This project also a true global flex of The Mill’s creative muscle, with the London, NY & LA offices each handling a part of the creative output.”

EE ‘No Way Out

Featuring: Kevin Bacon
Director: Jake Scott
DP: Larkin Seiple
Production Co: Ridley Scott Creative Group

“Larkin shot the underground section on an iPhone, which was a brilliant way of capturing the intense desperation of such a scenario. My challenge was to enhance this sense of claustrophobia. This was achieved by creating a sharp & narrow point of focus within each shot through layers of heavy shape work and the utilization of Filmlights Lens Correction & DoF tools.”

Confused ‘Piggy Bank’

Director: Vedran Rupic
DP:  Nico Poulsson
Production Co: Riff Raff Films

“Vedran’s work is always fun and are known for their original ad campaigns, so I was confident I could push boundaries and curate something bespoke. This was nominated at this year’s AICP awards for Colour Grading and was also featured in April’s edition of British Cinematographer.”

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