Shots | Baby Keem enters the nightmare

Merging surrealism and horror, director Savannah Setten delivers a spooky sci-fi take on near-futurism.
Press March 31, 2021

The film cuts between Baby Keem, trapped in his apartment as a drone cam swings through his neighborhood and a quartet of women playing with blank dominos. Eerie and strange, the world of the music video is driven by an underlying sense of weirdness that is unshakeable. The windows shudder, the cars repeat, and the only escape for Keem seems to be his own death.

Newly independent director Savannah Setten shot the music video with Dave Free and pgLang, which was co-founded with Kendrick Lamar. Setten is the first female director to have worked on a music video with pgLang.

Graded by Mill Colourist Thomas Mangham. Check out the full article on Shots.