Shots | It’s lift-off for Winamax

Press June 7, 2021

Eschewing the more traditional betting spot traditions of gravelly voices and intense punters staring expectantly at phones, TBWA\Paris‘s film, called ‘Everything For Mama’, offers a new reading of the punter and his motivations.

Who hasn’t dreamed of pleasing a loved one after winning a little money? And which of their loved ones might a winner want to thank? Surely, their mother has to be top of the list. The film, directed by Sam Pilling and produced by Wanda Paris offers a humorous – and somewhat tender, if unconventional – account of one son’s gift to his dear old mum.

“Ideas this fun and creative are rare, so for me it was important that the visuals and acting performances were absolutely perfect,” said Pilling. “This meant working closely with our cast and capturing as much as possible in in-camera, rather than relying on CGI. I can honestly say that this was the most fun I’ve had making a film in the studio.”

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