Shots | MS Society opens auditions

This fundraising campaign features a slate of notable A-Listers including Kit Harington, Rose Leslie, and Andy Serkis.
Press July 20, 2021

Combining humor with incredible talent, awkward and nervous celebrities audition for the honor of supporting the MS Society.

Recorded before the pandemic, the film is lively and sweet, showing actors earnestly auditioning in a community theater for some unspecified part. Kit Harington and Alun Armstrong riff off each other while Chef Ainsley Harriott bakes a magnificent cake, and provides a show to go with dessert. Andy Serkis does his best to impersonate…who knows, while in a mo-cap suit, and honestly whatever that man does I’m sold on.

Directed by Dario & Dom, the film exudes a feeling of gentleness and kindness as the panel of judges attempts to tell the anxious celebrities over and over that they’ve had the job all along. Brave Spark produced the Auditions.


With Colour at The Mill. Read the full article on Shots and check out Dario & Dom’s work via their website.