Shots | Three’s Bonkers 5G future

Press March 2, 2020

Taking on a delightful ‘more-is-more’ approach, Hey UK, The Real 5G Future is Here is a three-minute rollercoaster through more Asimov-baiting concepts than you could shake a USB-stick at – including digital holo-masks, ‘binge-mode’ pods and wet-willy-inspired listening solutions.

Cramming every moment with both celebrity (Lewis Capaldi and, in a joy-filled moment, Shaun ‘Barry from Eastenders’ Williamson) and partner-brand cameos (such as Samsung, YouTube Music, Deliveroo, Greggs, KFC, and Tinder), the spot fizzes through a sci-fi encyclopedia’s-worth of hypothetical theories and designs for the sole purpose of raising more than one guffaw.

Brilliantly brought to life by Academy’s Ian Pons Jewell, again proving himself the master of squeezing fun into every inch of screen space, Wieden+Kennedy London’s anarchic spot might not be the future we hope for, but it’s the one we probably deserve.

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