Shots | Wallace and Gromit’s ‘Comfy Carol’ by krow, Aardman and The Mill

The ever-endearing duo (and their woolly pals) partake in a spot of festive singing for DFS.
Press November 24, 2020

Plasticine heroes Wallace and Gromit are as intrinsically linked with a UK Christmas as the Queen’s speech or a lack of snow.

It’s hardly surprising, then, that krow and DFS have once again employed the charm of the pair to front their festive spot. Featuring the characters taking Wallace’s new invention, the ‘Ewe-phonia’, carol singing. ‘A Comfy Carol’ is filled with classic Aardman touches (the number plate EWE-L-T1DE being a particular treat), making for a slight but sweet spot that’s imbued with crafty comforts.


With VFX and Colour at The Mill. Check out the full article on Shots.