Sip into your comfort zone with Canada Dry

Our newest collaboration with Deutsch LA and Arts&Sciences for Canada Dry.
Work May 12, 2023

We partnered with Directors Adam & Dave, Deutsch LA and Arts and Sciences to make Canada Dry’s latest campaign. Read below for Creative Director, Matt Pascuzzi’s take on bringing these fun characters to life.

“It was great to partner with directors Adam & Dave and our good friends at Arts&Sciences to bring these characters to life.

It just serves to illustrate the outstanding library of creatures we have that can be deployed so competitively, and the equally outstanding team of artists working across multiple time zones that can tailor these creatures to any projects needs and deliver quality results at speed.

It’s very gratifying representing the Mill, and being able to showcase the work on set to both directors and our partners at Deutsch so quickly as it puts everyone on the same page immediately and gives everyone a sense of immense confidence in the end results before a single frame of footage is shot”
-Matt Pascuzzi, Creative Director

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