SOCIAL VR | HBO Lovecraft Country, Event #1 ‘Garden of Eden’

Work September 4, 2020

To celebrate the highly anticipated new series Lovecraft Country, we teamed up with HBO to create Lovecraft Country: Sanctum, a series of first-of-their-kind virtual reality events transporting guests into a world inspired by the show.

The first event ‘Garden of Eden’ premiered yesterday evening on YouTube. You can check out the live recording via the YouTube video above!

The events are all simultaneously run on the social VR platform VRChat Inc, which allows guests to talk and interact with each other in real time within the environment, and streamed to the world via YouTube Live. Viewers on the YouTube Live stream are also able to interact in real-time, solving riddles to trigger spells that directly impact the experience.

The next event ‘An American Dream’ takes place on Thursday, September 24 at 10:00 PM ET/ 7:00 PM PT. You can find out more here.