Spotlight | Get to know Mill Talk Podcast Host Becca Falborn ahead of Series 2 ‘Makers for Creative Good’

Becca Falborn is the Executive Producer of Lime Studios, NYC. She is the point person for the East Coast-based clientele, developing and growing the already established West Coast studios. An active member of the advertising community, Becca is also on the AICP Award Show Committee, a featured mentor for Cutter Connections, Head of Growth & Partnerships for SPARKED Connections and host to her passion project of a podcast: You'rExcused. Throughout her career she’s worked with brands such as Bud Light, Matel, Mercedes, McDonald’s, Reese’s, Playstation, TDAmeritrade, Delta, and Pringles to name a few.
Podcast February 23, 2021

We’ve heard through the grapevine that you have a background in reality TV. Can you walk us through that part of your career?

I do indeed! So, I started my career as a Production Assistant for SpikeTV’s show Tattoo Nightmares. I had been referred by a friend who was asked by the Production Coordinator if they knew anyone looking to get into production. I actually still have the voicemail saved on my phone when he called me saying that the company he was hired to freelance with was looking for more PA’s. Two days later I was on my way to Seaside Heights, New Jersey – simultaneously on set for both Jersey Shore Season 6 and Tattoo Nightmares Pilot Season. I then bopped around on a few shows for about 2 years, going on to the spin-off of Jersey Shore, Snooki & JWoww Seasons 2 & 3, and another show that actually never made it to air unfortunately. The experience totally shaped my career path as well as my current role with Lime. Working on set with such a tight schedule, tight-knit cast & crew, and all the craziness that comes with it truly gives you the ability to problem solve and think on your feet in an unparalleled way. You have to be able to be innovative, take direction, but also be a self-starter. All the tools you need to properly expand/grow business. Questions were always welcome but so was the notion of “Did I think of this from every angle? Have I exhausted every option? How can I make this work most effectively?” because when you’re on set, cameras rolling, it’s full-on chaos. You can’t stop your production manager so you can ask silly questions. So, as one of the unit production managers used to say, you just “make it stretch!” (re: budgets, mentally, physically).

What did you learn from Mill Talk Series 1? 

Mill Talk season 1 actually taught me a lot about recording at home without an engineer! As a producer it’s not always a necessity to be the tech-savvy one. That quickly changes when recording from home. Aside from the technical aspect though, I learned so much about my peers in the industry, I have a better understanding of each niche corner as well as expanding my knowledge about the BLM movement. I understand more of what it means to be and how to be an ally. I’ve been inspired to promote and be part of the change more than I ever had been before. I hope guests & listeners also feel the same.

What do you hope listeners gain from Mill Talk Series 2? 

I am so excited about series 2. We’re pushing the envelope and getting into some deeper conversations, one of my favorite things! If you know me you know meaningful deep conversations are one of my favorite things (podcast host x2 might give that away). I hope listeners are truly inspired to not just promote change, re-post something on their social media, but actually JOIN and be part of the change. Take action, get inspired, stop being lazy. There’s power in numbers, having these discussions openly creates allies and spreads awareness. So I guess I hope listeners gain inspiration for change.

As well as hosting Mill Talk you also host your own podcast You’rExcused. Tell us more about that. 

You’rExcused is my therapy. If you ask any of my friends, I love communication. I may be an over communicator at times but I always stick by the mentality that I would rather be overly clear and know I’ve gotten my point across as opposed to miscommunicating something. The premise of the podcast is cutting out, or “excusing” negative energy, relationships, habits, a job, or anything that is not contributing to your life in a positive way. I was someone who had a bad habit of getting preoccupied with being a people pleaser and failed to set my own boundaries to prevent myself from getting taken advantage of. It made me feel horrible. It affected my mental, physical, and emotional health. The goal for You’rExcused is to create an accepting environment where guests feel like they can share their personal struggles so that listeners know they are not alone, someone else has likely experienced something similar and there is a light at the end of every dark tunnel.

Outside of Mill Talk and You’rExcused, what are some of your favorite podcasts right now? 

I’m one of those people who LOVES the show The Office, I watch it on repeat regardless of the fact that the series ended years ago. My sister recently referred me to “An Oral History of The Office” – all The Office fans out there – I promise you’ll enjoy it!

Who and/or what inspires you? 

One person who has always inspired me is my older sister, Jess. She has been the tough love I sometimes don’t want but need and constantly reminds me that I’m strong, smart, independent, and most importantly: I can do anything I put my mind to. What inspires me is helping others. I absolutely love knowing that something I did helped to either make someone’s project run perfectly smooth, or just simply helping a friend who is feeling down and needs a venting session, someone to lend an ear to, or advice. I guess I’m still a bit of a people pleaser, but I have altered it to make sure it’s not at the expense of myself.

Name your favorite TV Show, Movie and Music Artist of quarantine 

Favorite TV Show, always The Office, or Parks & Recreation, but I got into a new show called Good Girls without realizing that the series is still producing new seasons so I am anxiously awaiting Season 4. Favorite new movie I watched is Booksmart. Jonah Hill’s younger sister is in it and I could not stop laughing, it was like the *new* Superbad and I even cried a little (I’m a sap, don’t judge!). Favorite music artist varies, I’m all over the place and I’m a proud lover of country music. The songs I currently have on repeat though is NOT country, it’s called “Wait for me” by Carnage, featuring G-Eazy & Wiz Khalifa and “The adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady” by Kid Cudi & Eminem, I’ll forever be one of the biggest Eminem fans, I had a massive poster of him on my wall back in the day.

Tune in for the first episode of Mill Talk Series 2 ‘Makers for Creative Good’ on Wednesday, February 24th with Episode 1 ‘Representation in Media’.  In the meantime, you can stream Mill Talk | Series 1 ‘Future Gazing’, follow Becca on Instagram @beccabombs, check out You’reExcused @yourexcusedpodcast and Becca’s foodie page @beccammendations.

Becca Falborn, Mill Talk Host,

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