Spotlight | Laurent Creusot

Meet the people behind our award-winning work across the globe. Up next is The Mill/Mikros MPC's VFX Supervisor, Laurent Creusot.
Community August 11, 2021

At The Mill/Mikros MPC, Laurent has worked on numerous advertising films for world-renowned brands such as Canal+, Evian, Nissan, Ubisoft, Peugeot, Audi, Nestlé, Citroën.

What drew you to work at The Mill/Mikros MPC?

In the late 90’s, the group The Mill/Mikros MPC Image was known as the most creative company in Paris. Art and energy was everywhere. Lots of young artists stayed late to work on their personal projects, creating new types of images and found new ways to express themself. The Mill/Mikros MPC was filled with a crazy creative atmosphere, it was very motivating for a young artist to work in this environment.

How did you first get into the world of post-production?

It’s really my passion for digital images that drew me to post-production.

What have been some of the biggest career influences in your life?

For sure the pioneers of special and visual effects such as Etienne -Jules Marey, Melies, Normann McLaren, Jean Christophe Averty and so many others.

How would you describe your creative process and how do you stay inspired in your work?

I am always thinking first about the result I want to achieve. What my final image should look like what do I want to achieve and then the technique. Never the technique first.


What would you say makes a good artist and what advice would you give to those entering the industry right now?

Listen to the others, of course keep an open mind about everything but it is very important to develop one’s singularity. Listen to oneself and trust oneself.

Favourite piece of The Mill/Mikros MPC work that you didn’t work on?

Dior J’adore Egeries is my favorite, it was totally crazy to meet this level of excellence 10 years ago!

Things you’re most proud of?

To have witnessed and to have contributed to the story of The Mill/Mikros MPC group, we all work very hard and have always infused our passion into every project.

What do you like to do in your spare time, any passion projects or side hobbies?

I’m a collector of antiques – I love the items from the pre-cinema period, but I’m also a fan of a lot of other crazy stuff.

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