Spotlight | Mill Colourist Philip Hambi

We caught up with Mill Colourist Philip Hambi to discuss what inspired him to go into the world of colour, his favourite projects and what trends in the industry are exciting him.
Thought April 4, 2022

What inspired you to go into the world of colour?

I knew Colour was for me from the very first moment I discovered it. I’ve always loved the way that a colourist has the ability to create such emotional and powerful impact. I also find it fascinating that with the manipulation of colour and contrast we’re able to completely redirect the genre and aesthetic of a piece if needed.


Talk us through your favourite piece of grade work and why?

That’s a tough one and pretty much impossible to answer for so many reasons. One of my favourites is a piece for Johnnie Walker featuring Mila Jovovich. The commercial was directed by Mila’s husband and Hollywood Director Paul W.S. Anderson who was super down to earth and a really interesting guy. It is one of my favourites because it was such a great collaborative experience working with them both. Everyone was really happy with the end result too which is the most important thing!

Describe your creative process?

It’s usually quite fluid and varies from job to job depending on what is required from the grade. It’s always helpful to have a prior chat to the Director/Cinematographer, especially if either of them can’t attend the session, as I prefer to have an understanding of their overall intentions and any specifics I should know of in advance. Grade references are also important when developing the look, which I like to develop as organically as possible. I’ll generally find one shot that captures the essence of the film and from that I build a look and aesthetic that everyone can agree on. From there I’ll bounce around a few of the shots in the edit and develop and improve upon the initial grade until I’m happy with it, both artistically and technically.


What has been inspiring you?

MPC came together with The Mill recently, that has been hugely inspiring and getting to work with lots of new people has been great. It’s always satisfying being challenged and pushed out of your comfort zone and I find it often motivates me to create something striking and unique. It’s the only way to develop and improve, constantly questioning and pushing for improvements and positive change. Family is my main motivation though and I know they are really proud of me.


Are there any trends in the industry that are exciting you as a colourist?

I get excited about the blurring of lines between colour and VFX. Working more closely alongside the VFX and CG guys with the Baselight BLG workflow is incredible. Some of the projects that we have recently delivered are genuinely mind blowing.

See more of Philip’s work via his Instagram page. You can get in touch with our colour team via our contact page.