Spotlight | Mill Creative Director Jorge Montiel on helping to craft Edeka’s latest spot

We caught up with Mill Creative Director Jorge Montiel to go behind the craft of Edeka's latest Christmas spot.
Work December 15, 2021

What was the brief from the client?

Times are changing, Christmas ads are changing too. The goal was to showcase an unconventional hero during Christmas, one of the most emblematic times of the year, while also raising awareness for global warming. The brief was to create a magical place built in the sky called Cloudland that evokes the idea of a white Christmas. The director, Christopher Riggert, worked meticulously with the team to create a magical mood, exploring different light setups to bring a cozy and magical atmosphere to the scenes. The softness of the clouds and the sense of scale in the landscapes were the key ingredients to help achieve the right feeling.


How did you go about bringing it to life?

Walter, our raindrop hero, has a big dream of becoming a snowflake. The animation team embraced his personality and emotions to animate an adorable and engaging performance. Body language and acting were influenced by the physiognomy and design of the character. His liquid body can go from a simple shape to a very complex one, something that is very challenging to achieve in CGI.


How did you find working with director Christopher Riggert for this spot?

We worked with Christopher in a very collaborative way, something we always enjoy doing with directors and creatives. His sense of humour and vision made the process fun and dynamic. The way he works shooting in real locations was determinant in how we worked closely defining 3D cameras positioning and movements.

You can view more of Jorge’s work via his Creative Talent page. You can also get in touch with our team regarding your upcoming project here.