Spotlight | Senior Compositing Artist Rajesh S of The Mill Bangalore discusses working on Heineken’s ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania’ spot

Community January 19, 2023

What was it like working on a spot which stars the iconic Marvel superhero, Ant-Man?

I’m a Marvel fan, so I was pretty excited when I learned I’d get to work on this spot. I’ve been in the VFX industry for over a decade now, and I love the range of projects I’ve worked on here, and every one of them is special in a new way. It was my first time as a compositing lead from Bangalore, and I felt lucky to take on this role in a commercial featuring Ant-Man!

What was your team’s role on the project?

We were working on several elements of the Heineken spot – making Ant-Man look amazing, the CG ant, the laptop with urgent messages for Scott Lang/Ant-Man, to various props and the environment. We had to bring together the final shots and elements with a lot of beautification.

Talk us through the process of working on the project.

We collaborated with the team in LA to complete this spot, and the Supervisor in LA made working together seamless. Our daily catchups were very productive, and our progress was swift. We’d have daily and weekly input from the client, which was always positive. They encouraged us a lot, especially the team here.

Were there any creative or technical challenges the team faced? If so, how did you all solve them?

The main challenge for us was Ant-Man’s appearance and the details on the Heineken 0.0 bottle. One of the other aspects we spent a significant period of time on was the lens which magnifies the laptop screen. We had to show different content being magnified, so it was a little challenging to get the moving elements perfect.

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