Stash | ‘The Very VERY First Christmas’ Short Film by Brian O’Donnell and The Mill Design Studio

Press December 20, 2022

Brian O’Donnell at The Mill Design Studio in NY: “‘The Very VERY First Christmas’ is a deep dive into holiday nostalgia – a take on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer starring a bright-eyed pterodactyl who hasn’t quite learned to fly.

Our core group of lead designers collaborated under only one rule: Imperfect is perfect. The result is an inspiring handmade approach to 3D modeling: blending modern tools with charming traditional cel animation and a whole lotta heart. This labor of love spanned across our NY, LA, Chicago, and London studios.”

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The Mill Design Studio
Written and Directed by Brian O'Donnell:
Producer: Katharine Mulderry
Editor / Creative Development: Al Benoit
Creative Resource Manager: Taylor McDade
Lead Layout Design: Salmah Beydoun
Lead Character Design: Yuri Byun
Lead Look Development: Eddie Livingstone
Design: Salmah Beydoun, Yuri Byun, Morad Enayet, Devin Hayes, Yewon Kim, Eddie Livingstone, Brian O'Donnell, Amy Staropoli
Animation: Brian O'Donnell, Yuri Byun
Cloud Simulation: Akshay Tiwari
Cel Animation: Amy Staropoli
Matte Painting: Tara Holland, Kris Sharabinskaia
Title Design: Laura Nash
Composer: Manu Beker
Narrator: Manu Beker
Technical Director: Justin Sucara
Marketing Director: Brenden Hand
Sound Design: Echoic Audio