Sukanta Chakraborty Shares Top Tips on Becoming a 3D Artist in Bangalore

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work at The Mill or how to take your first step into the VFX industry? We sat down with Sukanta Chakraborty, Lead Animation Artist in our Bangalore Studio, to discuss his journey into the industry.
News March 11, 2022

Can you talk about your personal/professional journey that led you into VFX?

Back when I was in school, I was film-obsessed; I loved anything to do with filmmaking and the process that went into creating such visually breath-taking content; I was fascinated by it all. Whenever I had a spare moment, I would watch some of the world’s most famous directors discussing their latest work in interviews; this is where I was first introduced to VFX. Listening to their opinions and sharing insights on the newest ground-breaking technology helped me understand the details going into some of my favourite films at the time, ie. RoboCop, Ice Age and Godzila. I wanted to know more about this industry and how it would grow as the technologies improved, this helped form my choice of doing my diploma in Digital Filmmaking.

After finishing my diploma, I landed my first job in the industry as somewhat of a generalist; this was a fantastic opportunity as I got to do a bit of Rigging, Animation and FX work. Showing my colleagues what I was capable of was incredibly important in helping my career develop; my determination and willingness to learn new skills has helped boost my career. I’ve spent half of my career in CGI and then the second half animating in VFX commercials. So far, I’ve worked on some of the most significant VFX based projects in the world, and I don’t plan on stopping that any time soon.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most? 

The creative and technical challenges involved are always fascinating; each day provides its own set of challenges that I have to adapt to and work around; I can’t imagine this level of diversity is in any other industry. I’m currently working on advertisements with a faster turnaround than other divisions I’ve worked in previously, I love it! One week I could be working on a fun and quirky animation, and the next, I could create super-realistic creatures. This project scope allows me to develop a roster of techniques and skills that I wouldn’t receive anywhere else.

What projects have you worked on at The Mill?

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been able to work on a real variety of titles. Some of my favourites are Direct Line ‘Bumblebee’, BMW ”Zeus & Hera’, and Apex Legends ‘Stories from the Outlands’. These projects have all brought their own excitement and challenges but have allowed me to develop new skills and improve my passion. I’m excited to see what projects will come my way over the next couple of years.

What early career challenges did you face and how did you overcome these?

Animating is incredibly fun but is always challenging. Each new project will come with its own set of problems that need solving. The technical aspects of VFX were a bit challenging at the early stage of my career, but from putting the time into my work and going the extra mile to improve on my difficulties, I was quickly able to overcome them. Your team will always be there to support you, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

What top tips would you give for those trying to get into the VFX industry in Bangalore?

There are so many tips I could give! Bangalore is a fantastic city to live in with many natural beauties. It’s also home to some of the latest and greatest emerging technologies; it’s beneficial to become familiar with these as many of them end up being tools we use in the VFX industry.

There are so many opportunities in Bangalore, and I highly recommend you take advantage of them; a lot will come your way; it’s a fantastic way of gaining new skills and understanding the craft, especially with how fast the industry is growing. Technicolor Creative Studios have all of their brands under one roof; this means they’re always advertising job opportunities and on the lookout for ambitious individuals who want to take their first step into the industry or improve on their skills. Working with some of the most talented creatives in the industry always provides new ways of learning and various methods to approach a project; this is a great chance to show off your skills and impress your peers.

Finally, enjoy yourself! You’re going to meet so many interesting people and make lots of long-lasting friendships; remember to stop and take a breather once in a while to appreciate it.

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