Super Bowl Hall of Fame | Throwback Edition

We've been in this game a long time. Every year we collaborate with agencies and clients to bring a variety of incredible spots to the screens of almost 100 million US viewers and plenty more worldwide for The NFL's Super Bowl. Ahead of its 56th annual event, we're taking a look at some of our most iconic Super Bowl spots from years past.
Work February 10, 2022

Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman in Doritos ‘Doritos Blaze vs. Mtn. Dew Ice’ (2018)

Coke ‘It’s Mine’ (2008)

A Thanksgiving Day Parade is treated to the coke side of life when an aerial skirmish takes place with giant inflatable cartoon characters vying for a bottle of Coca-Cola in the 60-second brand commercial, ‘It’s Mine’.

Volkswagen ‘Beetle’ (2011)

This Super Bowl stunner features an exquisitely animated, striped beetle that dodges natural foes in the woods with the prowess of a 21st Century VW Beetle in a heart-pounding car chase.

E-Trade ‘Save It’ (2013)

Making babies talk is not easy, but we’re pretty good at it. The online-trading famous smack-talking kid made a return during Super Bowl XLVII. The Mill’s talented compositing team handled all of the lip animation on the baby’s face in their Flame suite to bring him to life for audiences across the country.

Heinz ‘Wiener Stampede’ (2016)

We collaborated with DAVID Miami and Director Jeff Low of Biscuit Filmworks for Heinz’s epic ‘Wiener Stampede’, the brand’s Super Bowl 50 commercial. The spot sees an adorable pack of wiener dogs charge into the arms of a family of Heinz condiments, complete with an adorable two-year-old ketchup “packet”.

Doritos ‘Doritos Blaze vs. Mtn. Dew Ice’ (2018)

Screen legends Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman choose a side in Doritos’ 2018 Big Game ad, ’Doritos Blaze vs. Mtn. Dew Ice’. We collaborated with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and Director Nabil of Reset to deliver the epic showdown, which features fire and ice elements strategically crafted by our 2D and 3D artists.

NFL ‘The 100 Year Game’ (2019)

Teaming up with 72andSunny and ‘Friday Night Lights’ Director Peter Berg of Film 47 along with The Mill helped bring to life NFL’s ‘The 100 Year Game’. The ambitious commercial features an all-star cast of retired and active NFL players embarking on a game in the middle of a celebratory banquet. Our team strategically enhanced the practical elements and impressive stunts to ensure a dynamic yet seamless look.

Jeep ‘Groundhog Day’ (2020)

Winner of USA Today’s AdMeter in 2020, Jeep’s ‘Groundhog Day’ stars Bill Murray reprising his famed 1993 role by the same name.

Walmart ‘Famous Visitors’ (2020)

We collaborated with Publicis New York (Dept W) and Wayne McClammy of Hungry Man to create this galaxy-famous spot for Walmart, demonstrating the convenience of Walmart Pick Up. The out-of-this-world ad took home the award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Commercial at the 19th Annual VES Awards.

Doritos ‘Flat Matthew’ (2021)

Who’s ready for a little dimension? Matthew McConaughey stars as a two-dimensional version of himself in Doritos 3D comedic Super Bowl LV spot, ‘Flat Matthew’. We collaborated with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and Director Damien Chazelle of Superprime to craft the spot which features “Flat Matthew” in a variety of situations that stress the difficulties of living life in 2D. From being swept away by a gust of wind and ignored at a coffee shop, he just can’t catch a break.  

Amazon ‘Alexa’s Body’ (2021)

We teamed up with Lucky Generals and Director Wayne McClammy of Hungry Man for the Amazon Super Bowl LV commercial ‘Alexa’s Body.’ Alexa’s new body looks good. Maybe a little too good, thanks to Michael B Jordan.  

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