Super Bowl Next Up | Creative Director James Allen on classic Super Bowl ads

Year after year, fans tune in to Super Bowl for both football and the high-profile spots airing during commercial breaks. In our 'Next Up' Series, we're chatting to a few of our talent who are veterans in the game to reminisce on past Super Bowl seasons and hear from them on the importance of the Super Bowl ad.
Thought February 7, 2023

What is your favorite super bowl ad? 

I have to go with one that changed pop culture leading up to the 21st century: Budweiser’s “Whassup?” commercial (1999).


What are some of the elements that make a campaign/ad worthy of the Super Bowl? 

For a Super Bowl ad that rocks, you want to hit the right notes with timeliness, heart, memorability, branding, production value, and cultural relevance. These factors will help your ad make a lasting impression and stand out from the rest.

You’ve worked with Frito Lay/Doritos for multiple Super Bowls. What are some of your favorite collaborations?

Frito Lay/Doritos has had some pretty awesome Super Bowl ads over the years. More recently, I’ve worked on the Frito Lay Super Bowl commercial with Marshawn Lynch. Taking it back a bit further, remember the “Crash the Super Bowl” campaign, where people could make their own commercials for Doritos? That was cool! And who could forget the “The Groove” ad with the hip-hop dance party? Classic.  


Why is the Super Bowl so important for the advertising industry?  

The Super Bowl is a big deal for advertisers because lots of people watch it; they’re really into it. Advertisers spend a lot of money on ads during the game, the ads can have a lasting impact on the public, and it’s a great chance for brands to get recognition. Basically, it’s a great opportunity to reach a huge, invested audience.


What makes The Mill a trusted Super Bowl partner? 

The Mill is a top pick for Super Bowl advertising because of our impressive production skills, advertising expertise, use of cutting-edge tech, great teamwork with clients, and our flexibility to adapt to changing needs.



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