Super Bowl Next Up | Head of 2D/VFX Supervisor Andrew Pellicer on what really sets Super Bowl ads apart from the rest

Year after year, fans tune in to Super Bowl for both football and the high-profile spots airing during commercial breaks. In our 'Next Up' Series, we're chatting to a few of our talent who are veterans in the game to reminisce on past Super Bowl seasons and hear from them on the importance of the Super Bowl ad.
Thought February 9, 2023

What is your favorite super bowl ad, and why? 

I’ve always been fond of Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” from 2010. It was a great blend of physical comedy and practical sets. The spot and the series of spots that came from it often inspire me to creatively consider how we can approach something a bit more practical, even though it would appear to be impossible. Plus, the spots always make me smile.  


What are some of the elements that make a campaign/ad worthy of the Super Bowl?  

Since Apple did their “1984” spot, it seems that most companies agree that bigger is better when it comes to Super Bowl. The best visuals, biggest laughs, or largest emotional moments you can achieve are what really sets apart Super Bowl spots from your standard run. With the plethora of commercials shown and eyes watching them live during the game, these spots must push beyond what they usually would to really stand out above the rest. 

What are some of your favorite super bowl campaigns you’ve worked on to date? What are some of your favorite aspects of these collaborations?   

There are three spots that come to mind, and they all stand out for different reasons. First would be Jeep “Groundhog Day”. I was already a fan of Bill Murray and the film itself, but to be able to go back to the original film location with several of the original cast and re-create iconic scenes was something I will never forget. The second is Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade “Last Year’s Lemon’s”. This was just a really fun (and funny) collaboration with several offices to achieve a well-done spot. We used every trick in our sleeves from practical lemons, a wide range of CG elements, and heavily relied on advanced techniques like Deep Compositing to really settle everything in. The last spot is Kraft “Family Greatly” which was a spot we created on the actual day of the Super Bowl. It relied on people sending in content throughout that morning for us to make a one-of-a-kind spot. The project was the fastest turnaround on a job I have ever done, much less a Super Bowl job, but it is something that pushed the line on what I would have thought possible.

Why is the Super Bowl so important for the advertising industry? 

These are the spots that people spend time talking about with their friends and family. In fact, many people watch the Super Bowl exclusively for commercials. For the advertising industry, it’s a bit of a time to shine and really make an impact where people are seeking out the spots as opposed to looking to skip or fast-forward through them.  


What makes The Mill a trusted Super Bowl partner? 

The sheer number of Super Bowl spots The Mill does every year is a testament to the talent, attention to detail, and trust that our clients have for us. From creating mind-blowing visuals, working alongside the highest caliber directors and brands, and delivering the highest possible degree of quality (even on the same day of the game), The Mill has proven time and time again that it is unmatched in its abilities and aim for perfection.  



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