Super Bowl Starters | Director of Production Ari Davis on The Mill’s legacy and setting trends

Community February 11, 2022

What is the most memorable Super Bowl ad you’ve worked on?  

I have to go with Old Spice ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’. It’s too good! A total game-changer. It took the rules of conventional comedy ads, threw them out the window, and set up a new framework. Old Spice was the first commercial that broke the Internet, and you have to remember that at the time, breaking the internet was a new phenomenon. It changed the trajectory of the brand and my own career too. I still laugh when I watch it, totally holds up! 

What makes The Mill a trusted Super Bowl partner?  

At The Mill’s core is creative partnership and quality. We have decades of experience under our belt, and we take this responsibility very seriously. It’s the most important work of the year to loads of our clients, and our artists too! Super Bowl commercials have been a part of our DNA since day one. I still remember the first year The Mill’s LA office was open, and we were working on an epic spot for Gatorade with Spike Lee. We all took such pride in that collaboration, as we do on all the spots we work on. They are badges of honour we wear throughout the year. 

Why is the Super Bowl so important for the advertising industry?   

I love that Super Bowl advertising shifts and shapes culture. It’s one of only times of the year that everyone is not only talking about commercials but eagerly looking forward to them. Fans look forward to both loving and hating what they might see! They set trends and jokes with crazy celeb cameos, and you just hope and pray that everyone is laughing with you – and not at you. 

E-Trade ‘Tailor’ from the 2011 Super Bowl

What is your favourite game day ad?  

I’m going to go with Pepsi ‘We Will Rock You’ featuring Beyonce, Britney & Pink…. or is it Budweiser ‘Wassup’…or is it Apple ‘1984’…or maybe it’s E-Trade ‘Baby’? I can’t pick, this is too hard of a question! 

What are your traditions for watching the big game?  

Queso. If there isn’t queso, was it even a Super Bowl party? That’s the real question! 🤠 


Director or Production | Ari Davis

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