Supporting creatives from underrepresented backgrounds with ‘.movtogether’

Community March 17, 2021

We are participating in an exciting new mentorship program called .movtogether which aims to support creatives from underrepresented backgrounds who are looking to get into the industry. You can find out more about .mov below.


“As part of the .movtogether mentorship program, we’ll be supporting their first cohort of 25 students. At The Mill, we are committed to making our workplace more inclusive and accessible to aspiring creatives of all backgrounds, skill sets, and demographics. We are working alongside Shari Holly & Elliott Chaffer, who are leading this initiative and collaborating with Cal Arts. Brands & Agencies across the country are volunteering for this hands-on, virtual mentorship for six months with the intention of hiring an Intern from the program. Mentees will meet with their Mentors weekly and learn from industry professionals in entertainment, advertising and film for bi-weekly workshops.” – Olivia Burke, US Talent Acquisition Lead


Objective: To provide hands-on opportunities, experience, and education to aspiring, underrepresented creatives to help move us towards a more inclusive, diverse creative industry.  The intention is to make our creative community more accessible and provide support to students.

Commitment: The program is 6 months (April-September). Students will connect with their mentor organizations on a weekly basis. We will be part of the volunteers who host lunch & learn workshops for this program to share knowledge and insights on software, projects, and creative work.


Want to make a difference? Click the link to learn more about this initiative. You can find out more about The Mill community on our People & Culture page.