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News November 18, 2020

From Green to Red: Data, Art and the Environment

Can the convergence of art and technology save the planet? Artist and Innovator Beatie Wolfe and Dan Phillips, Executive Producer with XR industry leaders The Mill, will use real-time technology to showcase an immersive installation tracking the impact of human behaviour on the planet, built using 800,000 years of historic data. ‘From Green to Red’ is simultaneously a stirring visualization of the planet’s timeline (and atmospheric CO2 levels), a protest song and a reimagining of the music video format.

Audiences will interact live, exploring their impact on the climate as individuals and a collective. Both Beatie and The Mill have powerful legacies of creating ‘first of its kind’ content with Beatie’s retro-future album designs resulting in her being the first singer-songwriter since Bowie to have a solo V&A Museum exhibition.

View for ‘From Green to Red’ here.

Connected Future: The Creative Possibilities of 5G

In the new, connected world the potential possibilities of 5G extend far beyond that of sharing data over mobile devices.

In an exploration of the power of 5G connectivity – Creative Technologist, Inventor and Futurist Noel Drew has developed several use cases pairing his love for Robotics, art and new technologies to break the boundaries of what is possible over a 5G Network.

Watch as Noel (creator of the world’s first real-time tattooing robot) uses connected Robotics to create live art, remotely fueled by 5G technology, and explores the powers and pitfalls of blending human creativity with connected mechanics.

View for ‘Connected Future: The creative possibilities of 5G’ here.

Defying Location and Breaking Boundaries

As physical and virtual experience designers, we have a responsibility to inhabit communities, inspire curiosity, bring people together and gift intrinsic value to every participant. In a world that requires social distancing and the lack of physical touch, what does the future of experience look like? How can we evoke the senses in new ways, inducing wonder and play in a world that’s now virtual?

In this talk, experience designers and creative directors, Aline Ridolfi and Sally Reynolds will explore innovative techniques, strategies and technologies that will prevail post-quarantine, and delve into their predictions for the (near) future of experiences, both human and virtual.

View for ‘Defying Location and Breaking Boundaries’ here.


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