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News August 16, 2021

The Metaverse, Music and Next-Gen Entertainment

Virtual entertainment and interactive concert specialists Wave, Gaming company Riot Games and production studio The Mill explore the convergence of music, entertainment and gaming, which are increasingly combining to pave the next generation of immersive and interactive experiences. From virtual concerts and digital identity to branded experiences and everything in between, join a group of creative technology specialists as they delve into The Metaverse; where it came from, what it means and the opportunities that lie ahead.
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Brand Experiences: Back to the Future?

Brands experienced a seismic shift when they had to start grappling with the internet from the early 90’s. The possibilities seemed endless but the early realities were limited and future possibilities unclear.

We’re now at a moment where the next evolution of the web is creating opportunities for brands to create entirely new types of immersive content and experiences – delivered via real-time 3D, inherently social, always on and deeply engaging.

This talk will detail out these challenges and opportunities facing brands that need to transition from exceptional IRL experiences to hybrid experiences and fully virtual worlds and offer a point of view and some key tenets that brands can follow to navigate the next computing platform shift.

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Dive Into the Metaverse | Ethics in Experiences

Game Technologies are increasingly being used across all areas of media & entertainment. Emerging Tech like AR, XR, AI, Trackers & Sensors, are all being used to create Immersive Experiences that exist both in the virtual world and physical world. Or what many are now calling, The Metaverse.

In this talk, we’ll dive into where The Metaverse came from, what it means for brands, creators and culture at large. We’ll discuss the technology that exists today and where it needs to continue to evolve.

While technology & experiences may be the areas of focus today, we as creators need to look at the ethical implications, as life in virtual worlds becomes a reality. Topics such as identity, data and privacy being just some of the areas that are so important with the growth of the Metaverse

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