Taking gaming trailers to the next level with Garena ‘Free Fire’

Work November 12, 2021

We collaborated with mobile game pioneers Garena, to introduce an all-new hero character for the hit battle-royale shooter game, Free Fire. Working hand-in-hand with Garena, Director Lisha Tan and Creative Director Nick Braccia from our Brand Partnership Team, crafted the charming cinematic trailer to promote the expansion.

The short film titled “El Origen” tells the story of Otho, a Mexican character created by Garena to celebrate Día de Los Muertos. Taking inspiration from Otho’s rich heritage and leaning into his memory-based abilities, our creative team crafted an animation inspired by handmade stop-motion sets and miniature dioramas.

The effortless collaboration between Garena and The Mill was a true delight for all involved. Our internal workflow where our Creative Director, Director and Technical Artists work in unison, ensure the creative output is of maximum success. Director Lisha Tan comments: “Our team tackled everything from script development, original character and environment concepts, previs, animation and VFX. The workflow with our Brand Partnership Team allowed us to easily fold in Garena into the creative process. The collaboration flowed really nicely and allowed for everyone to have a hand in production.”

“We are very pleased to have partnered with The Mill to tell the story of Otho, our latest character. Not only did they help us to tell the story in the way in which we imagined, but they also shared our passion for the project since the beginning and we can see that the fans are very happy about our film”
Our Partners from Garena

Creative Director Nick Braccia comments: “With our background in gaming cinematics and understanding of the product, we knew the importance that these announcements carry. New characters, new skins – those are the sorts of things that drive excitement and keep players coming back. That knowledge gave us a great foundation and allowed us to invest in great creative storytelling and high-level CG. We came up with an idea that would result in a best-in-class quality asset and have an emotional punch.”

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