Teaming up with Elijah Craig to create the perfect cocktail spot

"Great minds don't just think alike. They drink alike."
Work October 28, 2021

Teaming up with agency Xenopsi and Elijah Craig, Mill Director and editor Al Benoit along with our VFX team collaborated to highlight the iconic bourbon whiskey brand’s Straight Rye drink and the famous Old Fashioned cocktail.

In the film, we see two different settings juxtaposed next to one another. On one side we see a man at home crafting the ultimate Old Fashioned cocktail with Elijah Craig rye whiskey. On the other side, a bartender is in her element mixing the same cocktail; emphasizing that an Old Fashioned is just as satisfying at home as it is at the bar if you’re pouring Elijah Craig.

“It was a real honor to work with such an iconic brand like Elijah Craig.  We set out to explore these spots in a fun, clever, contemporary way, and we were able to do just that because of the fantastic team involved,” Al Benoit shares. “We utilized a split-screen technique to show our Striver and bartender interacting with each other in unexpected ways as they shared the tools and ingredients needed to mix a great cocktail. Like filmmaking, creating a cocktail is an art form.  It’s all about creativity and bringing joy.  We hope this lovely spot captured that spirit.”

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