Teaming up with Oscar-winning director Chloé Zhao and Kiku Ohe to tease Diablo IV

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Work May 26, 2023

Directed by Academy Award Winner Chloé Zhao and Kiku Ohe, the launch live-action trailer for the highly-anticipated Diablo IV is now here. The trailer gives players the first look into what they can expect in the fourth installment of the series and depicts the menacing and cinematic spirit of the game.

For the release of the ominous trailer, our VFX teams, led by Chris Bedrosian and James Allen, collaborated with the renowned directors, 72andSunny and Superprime.

“"Teaming up with Oscar-winning director Chloé Zhao and co-director Kiku Ohe and the exceptional 72 & Sunny team, we were presented with an extraordinary opportunity to transform their inspiring vision into reality. Our journey on this campaign tasked us with realizing the first live action film for Diablo and with it came the responsibility of staying true to its long legacy and die hard fans. Being part of this journey was an absolute blast."”
-James Allen, Creative Director, VFX Supervisor & 2D Lead
“Our team traveled to Budapest in the cold of December to film on location over four days. We meticulously captured loads of data including detailed LiDAR scans and on-location head scans for digital doubles to bring the world of Diablo to life. With a wealth of Diablo lore and art at our fingertips, and liberties to bring the hellish underworld of Diablo into a world of real flesh and bone, we were ecstatic to get involved! No detail was spared.”
-Chris Bedrosian, VFX Supervisor, Shoot Supervisor & 3D Lead

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