Technicolor Creative Studios Launches Creative Hubs

Technicolor Creative Studios launch a series of global campus locations, hosting the world’s best VFX and production studios in co-located spaces.
News September 22, 2021

We’re excited to announce that over the coming months, Technicolor Creative Studios will be launching a series of global campus locations, hosting the world’s best VFX and production studios in co-located spaces, including The Mill and MPC.

With multiple creative studios under one roof, brands and filmmakers that work with Technicolor Creative Studios will have access to the world’s top creative production talent in one location, and the talent that work across these studios will be able to do their very best work, with the latest advancements in technology at their fingertips.

The formation of Technicolor Creative Hubs is the next step in the growth and evolution of Technicolor Creative Studios, following our launch earlier this year. The move to develop new co-located hubs for our brands will facilitate expansion across the USA, Europe and Asia, where we are exploring our footprint in new markets.

“Our aspiration is to develop our Creative Hubs to be the next Google, WhatsApp, Instagram, Sony or Publicis campuses; an unrivalled network of VFX studios located in major international cities ensuring we can continue to service the world’s biggest clients across film, episodic and advertising.” says Christian Roberton, President of Technicolor Creative Studios.

Technicolor Creative Studios already has successful, co-located Creative hubs in Paris and Bangalore. Over the coming months, new Creative Hubs will open across the UK and US, where advertising studios The Moving Picture Company (MPC) and The Mill will share studio space in London and New York, bringing the brands closer together under the joint leadership of Mark Benson (CEO, MPC) and Josh Mandel (CEO, The Mill). The full suite of Technicolor Creative Studios brands across advertising and entertainment will share a Creative Hub and Innovation Center in Culver City, Los Angeles. Each studio will retain its own unique brand identity and creative talent whilst enjoying the benefits of a co-located studio environment and world class facilities.

Christian continues, “The world around us is changing fast and we are embracing this. From the adoption of new technologies to interconnected infrastructure and talent, the formation of our new Creative Hubs is a progressive step designed to further improve the client experience. This will drive more collaboration and innovation, at scale and pace. As we continue to partner with the world’s most ambitious agencies and brands, we can now offer even easier access to the best talent and creative production facilities across the world.”

The new TCS Creative Hubs will be opening soon in Soho, London and Soho, New York and Culver City, Los Angeles.

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