Teleporting Xfinity customers inside the world of TV & film with AR

Work August 11, 2021

Mill Director Bowe King and The Mill Experience team collaborated with Elephant to transform Xfinity’s retail locations into digital playgrounds to showcase the vast array of entertainment content that Xfinity provides at the touch of a button.

Our team crafted several supporting films which sprung to life from in-store graphics and posters to highlight Xfinity’s entertainment offerings of x1, Flex, Xfinity Internet, as well as their award-winning Voice Remote, and free access to Peacock Premium. Powered by bespoke technology from partners Zappar, the in-store installations appeared in over 540 Xfinity stores across the US, combining AR activation with beautiful product films to engage, educate, and delight visitors.

With interactivity at the core of the activation, we created eight AR-enabled living posters showcasing, with cinematic production values, the endless possibilities of Xfinity’s products. The posters prompt users to scan a QR code which then transports them into scenes inspired by classic cinema and popular entertainment. Our team also crafted an intuitive call-to-action film, educating users on how to interact with the AR elements in-store.

Director Bowe King comments: “We worked closely with Elephant and Xfinity to craft eight mini-narratives inspired by pop culture touchstones. Our Design and Animation team recreated these scenes flawlessly. For example, in our film inspired by The Office, our animation team expertly recreated the show’s reception area, capturing all of the elements from the original set in great detail.”

“We’re excited for customers to play with this. For some, it will be their first time experiencing browser-based augmented reality. It’s a great conversation starter for staff and positions Xfinity as a leader in tech and entertainment.”
Michael Ashton, Senior Creative Director, Elephant

In addition to eight interactive AR experiences and a user-focused call-to-action film, The Mill’s CG team created several eye-catching product films highlighting the sleek and premium design of Xfinity Flex, xFi, and x1. In each product film, the product hardware literally expands through stunning motion graphics to reveal each piece of technology’s capabilities, with elegant animation plus a touch of whimsy. The films were brought together through a stunning atmospheric soundscape from partners One Thousand Birds.

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