TELEVISUAL | The Mill is voted ‘highest rated’ and ‘most used’ post house in Televisual’s 2020 Commercials 30 Survey

News April 20, 2020

Televisual’s Commercials 30 is an annual survey of the UK’s commercials production sector. Every year, they send survey forms out to the UK’s commercials production companies and ask them a series of questions both about their own businesses and the state of the sector in general.

The Mill has taken the top spots in the two polls of production companies’ favourite post houses, again reaching number one in both the ‘highest rated’ and ‘used most’ votes. Mill Colourists James Bamford and Seamus O’Kane were also featured in the Top 10 Best Colourist list with James coming in at #2.

The article states comments from our peers including ‘The company is praised by it’s clients for it’s “consistency” and its “capacity” and for being “a well-oiled machine that can deliver on large scale projects”. Others say of The Mill: “A wonderful team of artists and producers. Always a joy to work with them.” Others describe it as “consistently good” as well as “pioneering, fantastic talent, multi-faceted.”‘.

Three’s ‘Real 5G’ was on the cover of Televisual’s Spring Edition. For this project, we worked closely with Academy’s Director Ian Pons Jewell and Wieden + Kennedy to transport viewers through a wormhole into a futuristic universe equipped with flying postboxes, hologram dating apps, emoji pop and AI footballers. Each vignette tells its own story and required bespoke VFX techniques, from complex camera stitching, to full head replacements, environment creation and character animation. Check out the full film and BTS here.

We’d like to thank all of our collaborators for their continued support.

For the full survey, see Spring’s issue of Televisual out now. View Televisual’s online article here.