The 2023 Jeep 4xe hybrid lineup electric slides into the Super Bowl

Mill+ Director Nic Yiallouris directs Jeep's groovy Big Game commercial.
Work February 14, 2023

Jeep is getting into rhythm with nature and the animal kingdom with their lineup of 4xe hybrid vehicles.

For the brand’s electrifying Earth-centric Super Bowl 57 spot, Mill+ Director Nic Yiallouris and our team of VFX artists collaborated with agency HighDive. In the charming commercial, viewers are treated to the perfect balance of realism and the fantastical that ensures the characters’ movements are humorous while matching the beat of Shaggy’s new-age remake of “Electric Boogie”, yet grounded in reality. Our VFX teams studied the real-life version of the creatures featured in the commercial to closely match their movements, mannerisms and interactions.

Bringing these characters to life was a feat that was made achievable by Ted Harrison (CG Supervisor), Andrew Pellicer (Head of 2D CHI, VFX Supervisor,), Johan Alfort (2D Supervisor), Carsten Keller (Executive Creative Director), Fabian Frank (Head of CG) and Paul Yacono (Head of Colour, LA), and of course tapping into our talented global network of studios, including Chicago, Los Angeles, London and India, and collaborating with an in-house director. 

“The heart of my approach was to create a sense of adventure, an exhilarating quasi-docustyle that felt wild and wooly and off-the-cuff. Setting the tone through dynamic shots and imaginative perspectives, the plan was to unite the animal kingdom in a way that personified the spirit of Jeep. Working closely with the quick-witted team at HighDive we developed an organic workflow that allowed us to evolve the film naturally. Our gifted artists then elevated the entire concept with creature-work that felt lyrical and alive. This culminated in a quirky adventure film set to the tune of Electric Slide with Shaggy.”
-Nic Yiallouris, Director, The Mill

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Agency: Highdive
Producer: Jen Passaniti, Lindsay Vetter, Carolina Velez
Creative Director: Chad Broude, Nathan Monteith, Jorge Pomareda
Creatives: Gaby Strnad, Frank Viglione
Account Director: Melody To, Kaley Lambeth
Production: Mill+
Director: Nic Yiallouris
Directors Assistant: Alexis McDonough
Producer: Peter Keenan
Director of Photography: Paul Meyers
VFX: The Mill
Executive Creative Director: Carsten Keller
VFX Supervisor: Andrew Pellicer
Head of CG: Fabian Frank
Head of 2D: Andrew Pellicer
Executive Producer: Larissa Berringer
Producer: Mike Trivisonno, Jamie Hughes, Elle Lockhart
Shoot Supervisor: Andrew Pellicer
2D Supervisor: Johan Alfort
CG Supervisor: Ted Harrison
2D Artist: Rex Carter, Sandra Ross, Harimander Khalsa, Tamir Sapir, Rob Hagan, Seki Doru Ondun, Lucas Carracedo, Gangadharam Raja, Priyansh Gupta
3D Artist: (animation) Chris Welsby, George Rigby, Rachel Ward, Fatih Dogan, Jesus Parra, Shiny Rajan, Mari Chung, Gog Mkrtchyan (asset) Fiona Taylor, Jean Grandgirard, Joao Pires, Khaled Sabry, Maximilian Mallmann, Paolo Ceresa, Silvia Bartoli, Shane Dioneda (generalist/lighting) Will Laban, Jack Enever, Margaux Huneau, Luke Webster, Quentin Mourier, Anthony Bloor, Jeff Masters, Steve Eisenmann (fx simulation) Hamish Ballingall, Luke Dadley, Paul Carouge, Thanos Topouzis
Finish Artist: Anthony Jarvis
Matte Painting: Derry Frost, Paresh Kumar Swain
Designers: Leidy Junco, Adrian Navarro, Devin Hayes
Storyboards: Syd Fini
Production Coordinator: Allison Hemingway
Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Paul Yacono
Executive Producer, Colour: Krista Staudt
Colour Producer: Denise Brown
Colour Assist: Gemma Parr, Jacob Suffern, Joni Brandenburg, Rachel Phillips
Editorial: Cutters
Editor: Michael Lippert
Edit Assist: Jackie Cohen