The Drum | Louis Vuitton blends romcom with classic Christmas animation in holiday 2022 ad

The 3D love story made by our Parisian artists shows a branded teddy bear desperately pursuing another Louis Vuitton brand mascot.
Press December 9, 2022

Louis Vuitton is at the vanguard of the impending wave of Christmas ads. Its holiday ad, directed by acclaimed director Gary Freedman, shows the story of LV the teddy bear as he navigates a series of surreal, claymation-esque landscapes – reminiscent of some classic Christmas movies – in pursuit of his beloved Vivienne, another brand mascot, who’s just seeking adventure and living her best life. Each 3D-animated scene is replete with Louis Vuitton products.

The soundtrack for the 60-second video spot is The Turtles’ Happy Together, one of the all-time great rock-and-roll love anthems from the psychedelic 1960s.

Louis Vuitton said in a statement that the goal behind the new ad “was to create a Christmas fairytale, a charming and positive story in which emotions and sense of detail highlight Louis Vuitton’s creations. A world that is both intimate and spectacular, a whimsical and sophisticated journey.” The brand also called the spot “a romantic comedy between two iconic characters of the brand.”

The ad ends with the two animated characters being reunited in the famous Asnières-sur-Seine, and with the revelation that the entire journey took place inside of a snowglobe, or perhaps inside the mind of a young child.

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Gary Freedman:
Post production
The Mill Paris:
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Concept: Nathan Lucas
VFX Supervisor: Alain Boutillier
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Sound Production
La Pac:
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Editor support: Flora Jaquot @ Dearcut, Rachel Fourgous @ Cutaway,