The Drum | Ocado ‘Just For You’ by St Luke’s & The Mill

Press May 12, 2021

Marking its biggest national advertising campaign to date, Ocado has partnered with creative agency St. Luke’s on a campaign that updates the strapline ‘The online supermarket’ to a new endline – ‘There’s an Ocado Just For You’. The move has been devised to reflect Ocado’s product range, whereby customers can personalise their shop.

The spot sees an Ocado driver delivering to different locations and households, with his transportation humorously transforming into the corresponding delivery vehicle. From a Morris Minor bread van to a small fishing boat sailing in with fresh fish, an Italian artisanal deli three-wheeler to a farmer’s tractor with fresh vegetables, an ice-cream van extending to reach the second-floor apartment to a train of frozen food cabinets pulled by a Skidoo through a snowy street.

The action is accompanied by a cheerful tune describing the scenes and ending with the new line – ‘There’s an Ocado just for you’.


With VFX and Colour at The Mill. You can check out the full article via The Drum and get in contact with our VFX team regarding any upcoming projects here.