The Heart of Who We Are | Creating opportunity with our range of internships & apprenticeships

We pride ourselves on our commitment to opening doors and providing opportunities to the next generations of creators.
Community September 2, 2022

We are a global network of award-winning VFX artists & Creative Technologists with decades of experience across the Advertising and Brand Experience Industries. We are founded on the passionate pursuit of excellence, fearlessly pioneering visual imagination for over 30 years, and embracing every evolution of our art with pinnacle craft. Making the impossible not just possible, but utterly believable to create brave new experiences for today’s audiences.

Here at The Mill, we have a long history of nurturing, training and developing outstanding talent. As a market-leading Creative Production studio, we are proud to create opportunities for talent from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds to enter the industry and support them to develop their careers.

We celebrate difference and diversity of thought and love seeing our interns, apprentices and runners thrive and go on to be future leaders.

“Our people are what make The Mill and bringing new talent into the industry is something we take a lot of care and pride in. We’re really fortunate to work with so many brilliant partners who are platforming underrepresented voices, championing new talent and creating equitable opportunities across a range of creative industries. Through these schemes we’ve welcomed so many talented young people into The Mill, many of whom go on to have highly successful careers here. When they walk through our doors you can see how excited and inspired they are by the work that we do, and as we watch their careers grow and flourish, it’s them who inspire us.”
-Lauren Parmar, Head of Culture & Studio Operations

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