The Heart of Who We Are | Teaching and Learning from the Collegiate Community

We are artists, thinkers, makers, innovators, technologists, perfectionists, designers, developers, originators, collaborators, pioneers, cultivators, and trailblazers. Most importantly, we are teachers sharing our breadth of knowledge and passion for the craft.
Community September 6, 2022

We are a global network of award-winning VFX artists & Creative Technologists with decades of experience across the Advertising and Brand Experience Industries. We are founded on the passionate pursuit of excellence, fearlessly pioneering visual imagination for over 30 years, and embracing every evolution of our art with pinnacle craft. Making the impossible not just possible, but utterly believable to create brave new experiences for today’s audiences.

The Mill maintains a relationship with local colleges in our artistic community. We regularly do 101 sessions and presentations between university students and our Mill creative leaders where we showcase different work and highlight the skills and programs artists use to create the finished product. We believe it’s important to share our collective expertise with the next generation of talent and inspire them to break boundaries of their own.

From New York’s School of Visual Arts to Georgia’s SCAD, we love learning from students just as much as we love teaching them.

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